Capitol Choices offers various ways for you to take part in our discussions. Casual participants can drop in on meetings as they wish, and are welcome to discuss any book on the agenda that they have read. If you are interested in taking a more active role, you may become a reading group member.

Reading group members are expected to:

* read widely and nominate any eligible book they think worthy for the list;
* read/listen to every book nominated in their reading group;
* participate actively by joining the discussion either at meetings or via comments on the web site, or both; and
* vote. Only reading group members who attend half of the year’s meetings are eligible to vote.

Please note:

  • Authors and publishing company employees are welcome to observe, but due to the potential for conflict of interest unable to join as reading group/voting members.
  • Qualified observers cannot join reading groups unless they are able to attend meetings at least twice in year. However, former members who have moved away are still eligible for reading group membership.

Each reading group has a facilitator who acts as a resource for reading group members. They do their best to get books to people in their groups who can’t get hold of them and let reading group members know when they have copies to lend. They lead the discussion after the ballots twice a year to discuss the results.

To join a reading group, complete the sign up form before July 31.  You will receive a confirmation email from Please direct reading group specific questions to:
Up to Five, Ruth Anne Champion
Six to Nine, Margery Bayne
Ten to Fourteen, Carolyn LaChance
Fifteen and Up, Ruth Compton

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