How to Join a Reading Group
Returning members: If you are staying in the same reading group you were in last year, email the facilitator (find the email address on the Reading Groups post on the Home page of this web site).  If you wish to change reading groups, email the new facilitator (again, you can find the email address on the Reading Groups post of this web site).

How to Nominate a Title
You must be a member of a Capitol Choices reading group in order to nominate a title for consideration, however members are welcome to nominate titles for any reading group, not only theirs.  I.e., a member of the 10-14 reading group is welcome to nominate a title for readers 14+, and any member may nominate an audiobook.

For more details about nominating (eligibility, style, etc.), please see below.

Book Discussion Guidelines
During meetings we follow the CCBC Book Discussion Guidelines.

Web Features
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Donations are welcome!  If you found something useful here, help us keep going.  Donations are not tax-deductible, but keep your receipt for your records.  Please mail checks payable to “Capitol Choices” to Kathie Meizner, Capitol Choices Treasurer, Rockville Memorial Library, 21 Maryland Ave, Rockville MD 20850.  If you prefer to use PayPal, just contact for additional instructions.

Any titles published for children or teens in the current year are eligible. In case of doubt about publication date, please follow the date listed in the book itself. Reisssues are eligible for consideration if they include significant new content, such as new illustrations. Titles published only as eContent are not eligble for nomination.

Guidelines for Nominations
Print titles: Offer a brief description of the book and reasons why you think this deserves to be one of a hundred on our list.  Please limit yourself to 100 words.

Audio titles: As above, but, in addition to a brief description of the title, include in your nomination what makes this an outstanding audio production.

  • Title: Book title in all caps. If it’s an audiobook, include [AUDIOBOOK].
  • Cover: See Nominating form for directions on uploading a cover image.
  • Authors: Or Illustrator.  There is a separate field for the narrator.
  • Publisher: Select one. If it’s not in the list, click on “Other” and email Darcie Caswell to have the publisher added.
  • List year: Choose 2018 for books published in 2017.
  • Ages: Choose the reading group to which it belongs.
  • Subjects: You can add tags to your nomination by typing them in this field. Use commas to separate the tags and please use title case. If the tag already exists, you will see it appear in the drop-down list below the entry field and you can select it.  If the tag does not exist, continue and finish typing it.  The new tag will be added to the list when you add the entry. (E.g. Civil War, Fredericksburg, Disease).
  • Publication Month: An optional field, but necessary if you are nominating a book pre-publication.  Books will not appear on the agenda until the month of publication.
  • Publication Year: Required, should be current calendar year.
  • Edition information: Same as nomination form – choose the format, put in the price (e.g. 17.00 – no need to include the dollar sign), and the 13-digit ISBN.
  • Add your nomination.  If you compose your nomination in Word and then paste it into this form, be aware that some of your formatting may be lost.  If you keep the text simple (no bolding, font changes, etc.), it should be fine. Please include your name with the nomination.   If you are currently on an ALA committee and are unable to publicly nominated, you may use “Anonymous.”