Board and Succession Information

Please feel free to contact the Board with ideas, suggestions, and concerns.


The Capitol Choices Editorial Board will include 8-12 members representing librarians, teachers, booksellers, and children’s literature specialists with work experience in the field.


Members of the Editorial Board will solicit and select new members to meet specific needs within the organization.  When looking for replacement members, Board members consider experience with Capitol Choices and in the field as well as a breadth of representation for the Board across the many children’s literature fields.


Current Board members will be reappointed after the January meeting, if they agree, for a  3-year term to allow for a staggered rotation on the Board.  Future Board members will serve 3-year terms, but may be reappointed once.


The full Editorial Board will meet in January, February, June, and October, and as needed. All except February will be held after the general member meeting.  2020 Board meeting dates are:

February 21, 2020 10am – 12pm

June 19, 2020 Following the Zoom discussion

October 16, 2020 Following the Zoom discussion

The Board has the following responsibilities:

  • Oversee and implement strategic plan for the organization;
  • Approve major initiatives (e.g., new direction for the website, new approach to training, etc.);
  • Make final selection of titles for annual list, in conjunction with reading group facilitators;
  • Oversee production of annual list;
  • Advise on bylaws and other legal and financial matters.

Some Board members will have specific duties as needed such as:

  • Meeting facilitators
  • Liaison to reading group facilitators
  • Liaisons to Central Rappahannock (website host) and Arlington (meeting host) Libraries
  • Community Engagement
  • Social Media
  • Notetaker
  • Financials

Questions prospective board members might want to consider are at

 Current Board Members and Terms

 Board Member Responsibility Term Ends
Darcie CaswellMember RelationsOpen-ended
Kathleen NeilBoard Co-Chair, Secretary1/2023 (2nd term)
Kayla PayneCommunity Engagement Liaison1/2024 (1st term)
Erin BrallierOperations1/2022 (1st term)
Kit BallengerBoard Co-Chair, Digital Content1/2023 (2nd term)
Isaiah WestTreasurer1/2021 (1st term)
Sarah ButlerDiscussion Notetaker1/2022 (1st term)
Melissa LaSalleMeeting Facilitator1/2022 (1st term)