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Bahni Turpin and
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Dominic Hoffman
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Autumn, a struggling reader but star wrestler and only girl on the team, and Adonis, an intellectual and unyielding boy born without legs, make an unlikely pair. The voices in this dual narration capture the initial tensions between the two and deftly relay their increasing emotional angst and deepening attraction.


I also thought that the

I also thought that the voices were mismatched, especially in the beginning. But as the story went along, the older voice seemed to work as an affectation of maturity since Adonis was just as clueless as Autumn (though about different things, of course).

Meeting Notes for May

Meeting Notes for May 17:

Positive Comments:

  • The dual narration is true to the characters with Autumn’s flippant and sassy voice and Adonis sounding more reflective.
  • The voices mature and change as the characters develop with Autumn captured exactly right.


  • Adonis’s voice seems too old, more like a middle-aged man, than a serious teenager.


Meeting Notes for April 19:

Meeting Notes for April 19:

  • Needs more listeners.

I enjoyed the story and I

I enjoyed the story and I agree with Paula's nomination that Turpin's narration is "bursting with Autumn's exuberance" and found her voice to be completely believable for a teenage girl. I wonder, though if anyone else found Hoffman's voice too adult for a teenage boy? While he maintained all seriousness, thus distinguishing himself as polar opposite to Autumn, there's a certain vocal quality that changes as people mature and Hoffman's voice struck me as that of a grown man, not a teenage boy.