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Mourning for his mother, Jack Baker enters boarding school and meets math savant Early Auden, obsessed with the number Pi and his brother, supposedly missing in action. Jack joins Early’s search. Daymond’s quiet narration creates the wilderness while Bramhall adds depth to philosophical Pi’s parallel quest.


Meeting Notes for April

Meeting Notes for April 19:

Positive Comments:

  • The voices are successful since the voice of Early sounds like he is within the autistic spectrum, and Jack seems like a know-it-all although he is still suffering from his mother’s death.
  • The audio makes the story more interesting than the book.
  • The afterward about the number pi and its significance will interest listeners.


  • The difference in time between World War II and now becomes more apparent when the text mentions that the boy scout troop fell apart because the boys went off to war.


  • The book’s structure makes the audio seem slow enough to influence a listener to stop by disk four when the action starts.
  • The transition between the characters is too slight to easily distinguish them.
  • The character does not sound like an eighth-grade boy.


Meeting Notes for March 15:

Meeting Notes for March 15:

  • Needs more listeners.