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Little, Brown
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Through a series of letters to a murderer on death row in a Texas prison who never responds, "Zoe" slowly divulges her story. She too has been involved in a death, but was it her fault?



Meeting Notes for November

Meeting Notes for November 15:

Positive Comments:

  • This premise of a young girl who feels doomed and writes about her concerns to a death-row inmate works.
  • The story is plausible for teens.
  • Even though the reader knows from the beginning of the story that someone is dead, the who or how stays unknown until the denouement.
  •  The story keeps its suspense throughout because the reader keeps reading to discover who has been murdered and why the protagonist feels responsible.
  • The protagonist begins writing her letters with a formal address of “Mr.” but soon shifts to a first name even though the prisoner does not respond.


  • This tale cautions teens to think about their decisions because each decision forms their future.


  • None stated.