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In Progress List 2018

This list displays the most recent books nominated for Capitol Choices. You can filter by age group by selecting it from the drop-down box and clicking "select."
Scholastic Press
Jonathan spends one miserable night at the Slabhenge Reformatory for Troubled Boys before things go horribly awry and the inmates take run of the island. The massive storm brewing and a monster churning in the depths of the former asylum haunt Jonathan almost as much as the crime that landed him in the stone fortress. Intensity and foreboding drive the pace, while an insightful new friend injects the quick read with humor. Perfect for fans of HOLES. - Kit Ballenger
Bear smelling flowers
Macmillan (Roaring Brook)
It was a perfect day in Bert's backyard for Cat, Dog, Chickadee, and even Squirrel, until Bear came and made it a perfect day for himself. A perfect way to introduce the idea of point of view. This should make you smile. (Up to 7. K. Isaacs)
Macmillan (Flash Point/Roaring Brook)
An introduction to the world and imagination of the young John Ronald Tolkien, focusing especially on his fixation on dragons. Readers will be surprised at some of the details of his life, touched on briefly and enchanted with the illustrations which tend to paint a world of swirls and colors and brimming with life (even the WWI illustration). A brief snapshot into a life of interest and talent. Edie Ching (7-10)
Holiday House
Gertrude Ederle was the first woman to swim the English Channel in 1926, only 6 years after women got the right to vote. The difficulties of the swim, how Gertrude sustained herself with food and music and the support of her "chase boat" help to point out just what an accomplishment this was. A sport time line on the end pages points out other major sports accomplishments of her decade. A "lost" story that is happily found. Edie Ching (7-10).
March Against Fear leaders
National Geographic
A gripping account of the last great Civil Rights march--from Memphis TN to Jackson MS in August, 1966. Bausum tells this well-written and suspenseful story chronologically, and fills with of documented quotations, photographs, and informative details. Timely, too, in her efforts to explain the climate of the time: "Othering breeds a curious loop of fear." (10-14. K. Isaacs)
Title with four bears and one panda in a line-up
Little, Brown
Pandas Chee-Kee Loo and his parents arrive in Bearland, where some of their customs aren't familiar to the ursine residents. As Chee-Kee tries to fit in, he encounters barriers and misunderstandings typical of the immigrant experience. Child-friendly mixed-media illustrations make this an inviting introduction for young readers to one of the most-discussed issues of the day. Up to Seven. -Todd Krueger
The Legendary Miss Lena Horne
Carole Boston
Simon & Schuster (Atheneum)
This picture book biography features simple yet powerful writing and stunning illustrations made from oil paints and collage. Weatherford highlights the ups and downs of the remarkable life of Lena Horne, who spoke up for civil rights and paved the way for future African American entertainers. Overall, this is a beautiful book with an inspiring message for young readers. Meaghan McKeron. Seven to Ten.
Macmillan (Neal Porter/Roaring Brook)
With detailed and beautiful illustrations and and equally carefully constructed text, we are taken on a Grand Canyon journey through time, explaining how the canyon was formed, the changing flora and fauna, the differing climates in the canyon and the formation of its varying rock layers. Lots to pour over here, this book will continue to inform the more you read it and study the information in every illustration. End notes add to the enjoyment of the book. Seven to Ten. -Edie Ching.
Macmillan (Neal Porter/Roaring Brook)
This book sweetly answers the age old question of where does the dead goldfish go. Not down the toilet in this case. Instead this goldfish becomes a ghost, looking for a place to "settle down". There are lots of little clues here of the goldfish's "former" life, the title of books lying about, a banner from Cape Cod. The illustrations are warm and give a strong sense of place, the beach, the town, other wanderings. A nice alternative to all of those other dead fish stories. Edie Ching (up to 7).
Simon & Schuster
Amina shares with us her shyness, her jealousy when her best friend welcomes the friendship of another, her worries about her brother. She just happens to be Muslim. When, in the later chapters of the book her mosque is vandalized the emphasis is on the support of the community. I appreciated that the iman was going to participate in the dunking game at the carnival. A story that creates a feeling of inclusiveness. Ten to Fourteen -Edie Ching