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In Progress List 2018

This list displays the most recent books nominated for Capitol Choices. You can filter by age group by selecting it from the drop-down box and clicking "select."
Marta Alvarez
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Long before others shared her interest--or even believed that women could work in such fields--Eugenie Clark dove into zoology and dedicated herself to the study of sharks. In a career that spanned almost seven decades, Dr. Clark established herself as an expert in the field, earning the nickname "Shark Lady" for her explorations and discoveries. Fellow zoologist Jess Keating offers an optimistic biography of Clark, modeling for young scientists how a passion for learning and a commitment to one's path can lead to an extraordinary life. Includes facts ("Shark Bites"), a timeline, author's note, and bibliography. (Seven to Ten) ~ Kit Ballenger
We Are Okay (cover)
Penguin (Dutton)
After plodding through the fall of her freshman year, Marin convinced the college to let her spend winter break in her dorm room, alone. When her best friend, Mabel, flies out to visit, Marin must finally confront the abrupt end to the girls' past summer, and its impact on their relationship. A quiet novel, heavy with loss and loneliness, and beautifully written. (Fourteen and up) ~ Kit Ballenger
Emily Arnold
Holiday House
A picture book biography of the first professional woman scientist and "The Hunter of Comets". Caroline Herschel first discovered astronomy because of the interest/work of her brother and became his assistant. But later she made discoveries on her own. The difficulties of her life are included here as well as the accomplishments and end notes help clarify some of the points made in the book (i.e. a definition for the word nebulae). The attractive vivid illustrations add to the appeal of the book. Edie Ching (up to 7)
A new species of mammal, discovered through museum research is found in the wild in Ecuador in this stellar description of an unusual process of scientific discovery. Pair with ¡Olinguito, de la A a la Z!/Olinguito, from A to Z!. (K. Isaacs. 7-10)
Silhouette in birdcage
Penguin (Knopf/ Random House)
Cammie O'Reilly, the warden's motherless, angry daughter, looks back at the summer of her 13th birthday, the summer she spent trying to turn silent, distant Eloda, the trustee working as "Cammie-keeper,"into a mother figure. Set in the Two Mills, PA 1950s of the author's childhood, this is a moving coming-of-age novel with background issues of race and incarceration. (K. Isaacs. 10-14)
Child sailing along an ocean current
Scholastic (Blue Sky)
This latest title in their stellar Sunlight Series clearly describes the effect of the sun's light on water molecules, the water cycle, ocean currents, and water vapor in the air that serve as a greenhouse gas, and points to human controls and the need to protect it. (K. Isaacs. 7-10)
Sherri Duskey
With bold active illustrations and lively rhyming text, this duo once again gives us a dawn to dusk visit with a construction site and the big trucks that do the work. The vehicles are described in human terms, stretching, wiping their faces. Challenging language at times, immense/intense, but natural rhyme. Various roles/jobs are described. Two page spreads are intermixed with pages with multiple images that provide a close up view of some jobs. Fun and informative. Edie Ching (up to 7)
HarperCollins (Balzer + Bray)
Sixteen-year-old Starr is used to navigating two worlds: Garden Heights, the tough neighborhood where she and her family live, and Williamson Prep, a tony private school across town, where Starr is one of only a few Black students. After Starr is the only witness to the killing of her childhood friend Khalil by police, she comes forward to defend Khalil and their community, putting her school relationships--and her family's safety--on the line. A gripping narrative inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, this is a contemporary tale of complicated and tender family dynamics, loyalty, race relations, and bravery in the face of fear. -Kit Ballenger (14 and Up)
A List of Cages
Disney (Hyperion)
This heart-wrenching novel follows the rekindled friendship between Adam, a popular high school senior, and his former foster brother Julian, a quiet and socially anxious freshman trying to navigate the world years after his parents' death. This was an impressive author debut that explores the difficult themes of death and domestic abuse as well as the life-saving power of kindness and friendship. Meaghan McKeron. 14 and up.
Ellen (editor)
Penguin (Crown/Random House)
Edited by Ellen Oh and dedicated to the memory of Walter Dean Myers, this is a collection of short stories celebrating the diverse stories that everyone needs. Sometimes race is very apparent, see Main Street by Woodson, and sometimes it is just an additional aspect of the character (see Matt da la Pena's first story about friendship and father son relationships. Each character wants to be heard, some shot at us, some whisper. Each story is unique and brings to life a memorable character. Edie Ching (10-14)