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Houghton Mifflin
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Pencil with exaggerated cartoon silliness shows a nameless dog plotting his game of “ball” throughout the day with members of his family. This wordless story shows the dog, by turns, hopeful, puzzled, eager, frustrated, frightened, and, ultimately, joyous.



Meeting Notes for May

Meeting Notes for May 17:

Positive Comments:

  • The little ways the dog reacts to the ball show the dog’s intense focus on it.
  • Totally dedicated to the ball, the dog even dreams about it.
  • Children who have a dog will enjoy the humor and exuberance in this story.
  • The realistic female protagonist and the dog are antidotes to the typical pretty princess and dog stories.
  • The illustrations show variety.


  • The trim size of this book and other recent books seems to be smaller than in the past.


  • None stated.