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After Ever After
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Jeffrey Alper is probably the most famous kid in his town. Even though eight years have passed, most still know him as the boy with leukemia. Now in remission, and eighth grade, Jeffrey is dealing with the aftermath of his cancer treatment and trying to navigate life as a teenager. Podehl embodies Jeffrey, obsessing equally over the new girl Lindsey, his older brother's sudden disappearance into Africa to "find himself", his parents' sudden fighting, as well as the real possibility he may never get out of the eighth grade. Fortunately Tad, Jeffrey's best friend, keeps him anchored to reality. Tad's acerbic voice and black humor is the perfect contrast to Jeffrey. This sequel to "Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie" stands on its own.  Audio forTen to Fourteen. Paula Langsam

In this stand-alone follow-up to Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie, little brother Jeffrey—leukemia survivor and former local cause-célèbre—is now in eighth grade and finding that survival is only one of life’s challenges. Podehl weaves together Jeffrey’s point of view with best friend Tad’s acerbic insights to form a darkly comic tale. Ages 10+


Meeting Notes for July

Meeting Notes for July 8

Positive Comments:

  • This book definitely stands on its own.
  • The narrator’s voice fits the age of the characters and delineates them well.
  • The narrator successfully relays the friendship plot.


  • The gym teacher seems unpleasant.

Meeting Notes June 17

Meeting Notes June 17

  • Needs more listeners.